What Does HDFC Money Back Credit Card Have in Store For You?

HDFC Money Back

You can get a wide variety of benefits from an HDFC Money Back Credit Card. As it is in its name, the card promises to give you money back benefits on your spending. So, every time you make a purchase using your HDFC Credit Card, a reward point is credited to your account. Later redeem that point and get money in your account. You should know that each reward point has a worth of INR 0.20. Know more about the offers of HDFC Money Back Credit Card on the page below.

Key Highlights of HDFC Money Back Credit Card

The following are the key features of this HDFC Credit Card –

Two Reward Points

When you use this credit card for your grocery shopping, day to day payments, two points will credit to your account. Each spend should be at least INR 150 to collect these points. To redeem the points, you need to have at least 2,500 points in your account. When you reach this limit or above, visit the bank website and redeem your money.

Two Times Reward Points

The reward points will be 2X of what you get above if you do online shopping with the HDFC Money Back Credit Card. Well, the same spending limit rule will apply for this as above. If you do an online purchase of INR 150 and more, four reward points will be credited.  

Quarter Gift Voucher 

Every quarter, you get a gift voucher. And this is worth INR 500. To get this voucher, you need to spend INR 50,000 each quarter. You can earn up to INR 2,000 worth of gift vouchers in a year. A Quarter is defined as – 1st June’ 22 – 31st August’ 22. 

The spend milestone program of an HDFC Money Back Credit Card is valid for retail transactions only. Cash transactions, Dial-AnEMI, Cash-on-Call, Balance Transfer, Personal Loan on Credit Card, etc. won’t make you eligible for this. If you reverse or cancel a transaction, it will not be considered. Returned purchases, disputed or unauthorized or fraudulent transactions, won’t be considered for this offer as well. 

Note – Under the 2X reward program, you can earn up to 500 points per statement cycle for online spending. Reward Points are valid only for two years from the date of their accumulation.

Interest-Free Period on HDFC Money Back Credit Card

Up to 50 days interest-free period is available on this HDFC Credit Card. So, within these 50 days, if you make any purchase, it won’t acquire any interest. Post the interest-free period any of your credit card transactions will attract the applicable interest. 

So, enjoy this feature of your credit card and shop without the worry of interest rates. This way, you can earn reward points and save money while shopping. 

Smart EMI on Credit Card Purchases

You can convert HDFC Credit Card outstanding balance into EMI via SmartEMI. The bank will charge a processing fee of INR 799. Transactions that are more than 60 days old cannot be converted into EMI. When you choose to use this facility of HDFC Bank, any Reward Points earned will be reversed.

When you convert your Credit Card outstanding, choose a repayment period for the EMI. The options are ranging from 6 to 24 months for your convenience.

What are the Fees and Charges of HDFC Money Back Credit Cards

You can get this credit card from HDFC Bank by paying a joining fee of INR 500+GST. And the same fee for the renewal of membership. If you have spent INR 50,000 and more in the first year, the HDFC Bank won’t charge any renewal membership fee from you. So, get yourself one of the best credit cards for online shopping from HDFC Bank Now.

By Edward