What Golfers Can Do About Lower Back Pain

One of my patients, Norm, originally came to me with ill health that affected his ability to enjoy a recreational sport which also affected his relationship together with his wife. Norm had a lower back problem that was limiting his ability to golf. you would possibly ask: “I can see why this is able to affect his ability to enjoy a recreational sport but why was it affecting his relationship together with his wife?” I wondered about this also. Norm told me: “When I can not golf I just sit around the house all day and drive my wife crazy!”

For Norm’s sake and for the sanity of his wife I used to be motivated to assist eliminate his backache and obtain him golfing again. I’m a chiropractor and treating the lower back discomfort of golfers is one of my specialties. this text will explain why many golfers have back pain and the way it is often helped.

Recently a study noted within the South African Journal of physiotherapy, March 2018 stated that nearly half of golfers have back pain. The research showed that among a gaggle of 271 recreational golfers, 45% suffered from mechanical lower back pain and 23% had sacroiliac joint dysfunction. Further analysis showed that almost 96% of the golfers with sacroiliac joint dysfunction had mechanical lower back pain.

Mechanical lower back pain simply means there’s a movement and/or an alignment problem. The sacroiliac joint may be a pelvic joint, within the pocket area. there’s a sacroiliac joint on each side of our pelvis. Dysfunction of the sacroiliac joint means it’s misaligned and/or isn’t moving properly.

As a chiropractor, I’m trained to gauge the sacroiliac joints in golfers with lower back discomfort. Through an easy physical examination, it is often determined if one or both of the sacroiliac joints could also be misaligned or moving improperly.

If this is often the case it’s a drag that will be treated with chiropractic care. Usually, a series of “chiropractic adjustments” are given to the patient with misalignments and/or improperly moving sacroiliac joints to correct the explanation for the matter. Once corrected, 90% of those back conditions are improved and
most golfers can resume the game.

Many professional golfers undergo regular chiropractic care. I encourage any recreational golfer who is being limited by lower back pain to explore chiropractic to look after their condition. If it’s ok for the pros it certainly is sweet enough for the remainder folks.







By Mk Faizi

I am a blogger.