What is Causing My Foot Pain?

Aching feet can affect the whole body, as they are responsible for all of the weight when we are moving around. It can cause us to limp, opt out of a trip to the gym and look forward to shopping about as much as a trip to the (sorry guys) dentist. However, once you know the cause, you may not have to suffer.

1) Cause: Arthritis: This is a frequent cause, whether it is from injuries, wear and tear or rheumatoid arthritis, which is an autoimmune disorder. The latter usually starts in small bones, like those found in the ankles and feet. Symptoms may include some skin redness and inflammation.

Remedies: Topical applications of capsaicin, willow bark and gotu kola may help. Capsaicin can turn off the pain signal to the brain, but it is best to buy it commercially prepared as it is very strong. Willow and gotu kola can be made by extraction, either by water or olive oil. Don’t use willow if you are allergic to aspirin or if you have gout.

2) Cause: Broken Bones: Stress fractures and accidents can break the bones in the feet and ankles. One cause of stress fractures is tiny breaks when jogging or running.

Remedies: If you have access to the injury the topical treatments above could be useful, though many breaks are covered by a cast. Elevation, rest and ice are also important while the injury is healing.

3) Cause: Diabetes: Diabetic neuropathy can cause both numbness and phantom pain. The latter is when the nerves send a pain signal where there is nothing actually wrong with the area. This can be a life altering problem and should be diagnosed and watched by your doctor.



By Amber