What Makes a Good Hair Loss Clinic?

If you’re experiencing hair thinning or loss, especially if it is sudden or rapid, you might be feeling quite anxious and keen to seek expert advice. Hair is often a large part of an individual’s identity – and losing your hair can feel like you are losing ‘a part of yourself’. You might feel like you are ageing prematurely or that you look much older than your peers. The knock-on effect could be that you feel a loss of confidence and your self-esteem decreases. You might also feel less physically attractive. Avoiding social situations is also common so that others don’t notice or comment on your problem. The point is: losing your hair is not always a minor concern – it can have a wider effect and the sooner you seek advice on your problem, the sooner you can find a solution – which can ultimately restore your confidence and help you get on with a happy, busy life!

Seeking advice from your doctor is the first recommendation. He or she will help assess your particular problem and diagnose any underlying causes or health issues. If your problem warrants it, your doctor will recommend that you seek hair loss treatment or replacement solutions. The best way to do this is to source a reputable hair loss clinic. So how can you go about this?

As you would imagine, clinics can vary in expertise. It is recommended that you search – probably online – for a hair clinic with a wide range of hair loss expertise. Remember: no individual is the same and every hair loss problem varies. Some clinics may offer only one treatment – but this “one size fits all” approach might not be suitable for you. The ideal clinic is able to offer a range of treatments according to your sex, age, lifestyle, general health and degree of hair loss problem. The best hair loss clinics are experienced in treating a wide range of clients – from very young children to elderly people whose needs are very different. Given the extremely personal nature of the problem, hair loss experts should be discreet, caring – and above all else, good at listening!

Your consultant should also be a qualified hairdresser and very experienced in offering and handling a range of hair replacement products. These will vary from short-term, non surgical products – for instance topical cover sprays, quality partial and full coverage wigs – to surgical, permanent solutions like hair transplant surgery, undertaken by a fully-qualified, experienced surgeon. Look out for clinic memberships to certain organisations like ISO which advocates/awards certificates for high industry standards. Once you have selected your hair loss clinic, you should be able to meet your consultant in a private consultation room. Nobody wants to discuss their personal hair loss problem out in the open so if you are not offered a room immediately, ask! An initial consultation should be free and without obligation. Under no circumstances should you feel under pressure to part with any payment. In advance of your hair consultation, is it worth considering your hopes and expectations. You might also want to bring in a photo of your desired ‘look’ – perhaps a photo of yourself with a fuller head of hair. The hair consultant will find this visual imagery useful and he/she can use it to discuss your expectations. The best hair loss clinic will allow you to be honest – and will provide honest and professional advice in return. You should feel comfortable and relaxed and under no pressure to buy a product. A hair loss consultant will want the very best for you – to help restore your hair and confidence.

By Edward