Wholesale Silver – How to Find a Dependable Wholesaler Silver Chain Supplier

Wholesale silver chains are a perfect home business for beginners like you. You can simply resell them and make money instantly. What is difficult to have is a dependable wholesale supplier. For your long term business, it would be best to search online to get dependable and reliable wholesale supplier. Here is some list for your reference.

o You can get the good prices from sellers of wholesale silver in Asia like India and Nepal. The silver jewelry industry has been successful and they are now catering the international market because they are known having a good price and great designs. The old jewelry merchants who have been in the wholesaling business for several decades are now having their business online too. Most of these merchants, they have even followed the business of their family, so for sure they are very reliable as a business partner.

o You can search for trade directories who have been importing goods. They will be a reliable wholesaler because they are OK on giving bank guarantee. You must consider postage for international orders as part of your selling price.

o Make up a list of traders that only matches your requirement. Be watchful for those fake wholesale dealers that will offer you super low prices. If you feel that the offer is too good to be true, do not waste your time dealing with them.

o You need to make a research about the dealer’s certificates, credentials and the number of years they are in this business. Most of the legit dealers are willing to make negotiations. You can ask them about the quality and relative details about their products.

o You can also check you dealer’s feedback directly from their customers. Search on big forums and blogs and check out for positive characteristics of your dealer. If you see many negative feedback, choose another dealer for your business.

o Finally, search for well-known auction sites. Most of the world’s best merchants in wholesaler silver chains offer discounts on a regular basis. You may contact them also via reliable auction sites like eBay. You can also check their profile about their reliability rating.







By Mk Faizi

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