Why Copywriters Should Attend the Benefits Ball

I have no idea what you do for a living, but the chances are that you have at some point been involved in the making of a product or service. If you have, you would also have been of the impression that it was the greatest thing since toffee popcorn (or whatever your particular vice may be).

This is no bad thing. You would have nurtured it from your initial brain storming session right through to its maturity. It was you who was there when the problems needed ironing out. In fact I am willing to bet that you were so close to it, it was all you were able to talk about. And what did you talk about? Probably its key features – what it did because that was what was so great about it.


Wrong. I’m not saying that it is a bad thing – far from it, we all want to know what it does. But when you come to copywriting and try to sell it to someone via your website, brochure or advert, you must understand that what your potential buyer really wants to know is how it is going to benefit them.

A copywriter will focus primarily on these questions: What will it do for them? Why should they spend their hard earned cash on your product or service?

Say, for example, you have made a pair of football boots and your sales copy reads something like this:

  • they are made from the finest Italian leather which moulds to your foot
  • they have titanium tipped studs
  • they come in a vast array of colours

Guess what you reader will think. They’ll be saying ‘so what’ whilst turning over the page to read the latest celebrity gossip.

But, if you sold them on the basis that by wearing your football boots they will be transformed into a world class player (a bit extreme I know, but it gives you the idea), that is a benefit. The features will help rationalise a buying decision, but it is the benefits that will make them hand the credit card over.



By Amber