Why Should Seniors Choose Blue Ribbon Hemp’s CBD Oil?

To say the CBD industry is “competitive” is quite an understatement. Heck, the hemp market was already pretty fierce back when the 2018 US Farm Bill was passed. With each passing year, the market cap for hemp products continues to grow, which means there are countless products vying for your eyes.

So, what distinguishes Blue Ribbon Hemp from the rest of the pack? More importantly, why should you spend your hard-earned money on one of our broad-spectrum hemp products?

Four Reasons Seniors Should Use Blue Ribbon Hemp CBD

Our Products Are Made Explicitly For People Over 65

From our founding, Blue Ribbon Hemp has made it clear we’re primarily interested in helping seniors experience the benefits of CBD oil. Unlike most CBD companies that target younger customers, our core aim has always been to make safe and effective CBD supplements everyone over 65 could feel comfortable using.

Since Blue Ribbon Hemp focuses on senior health & wellness, we believe our products fill a crucial need in today’s hemp market. As the global population ages, they will increasingly be interested in natural alternatives for conditions like arthritis and osteoporosis. Since Blue Ribbon Hemp’s products are made for seniors, there’s a high chance patients’ first experience will be positive.

All Of Our CBD Comes With Third-Party Lab Results

You’d be surprised how many CBD companies fail to send their products for third-party lab testing. Unfortunately, since the FDA isn’t watching over the hemp market, businesses could technically “get away” with selling CBD extracts that aren’t vetted by high-tech laboratories.

At Blue Ribbon Hemp, we understand how important transparency is in the hemp industry. That’s why we always send our CBD oils, oral strips, and creams to third-party labs for thorough analyses. We will never send you a CBD product without an official Certificate of Analysis.

Not only that, we publish all of our latest lab reports online. That’s right; we’ve got nothing to hide! You could check out all of Blue Ribbon Hemp’s lab reports on this page.

Blue Ribbon Hemp’s Founders Are Legendary In CBD Industry

Unlike many shady online CBD companies, it’s not hard to figure out who’s behind Blue Ribbon Hemp. The well-respected Dr. Igor Bussel is proud to sign his name on every Blue Ribbon Hemp product.

At UC Irvine, Dr. Bussel became fascinated with how all-natural supplements like CBD could influence the aging process. To better understand how CBD could be used in senior health, Dr. Bussel teamed up with noted medical cannabis activist Richard Cowan to develop Blue Ribbon Hemp’s tinctures.

Suffice to say, both Dr. Bussel and Mr. Cowan put serious thought and research into each of these CBD products. You can learn more about Blue Ribbon Hemp’s incredible founders on this page.

Always THC-Free For Max Safety

Blue Ribbon Hemp doesn’t mess around with THC. In fact, we always screen our CBD oils for THC percentage before we ship them to our customers. If our broad-spectrum CBD tinctures have any THC, we will not sell them.

That’s right; even though we can legally sell full-spectrum CBD with ≤ 0.3 percent THC, we choose not to. To better protect our senior customers, we guarantee each CBD product in Blue Ribbon Hemp’s catalog won’t have any THC.

High-Dosage CBD For Seniors…With Zero Risk Of A “High!”

We understand today’s CBD customers have many options to choose from. However, we’re also confident our high-quality standards and unique value propositions make us a fantastic choice for adults interested in CBD oil.

If you’re still unsure whether Blue Ribbon Hemp is an excellent fit for you, we’d recommend getting in touch with our friendly staff. Please send us an email at this link.


By Amber