Why You Should Hire An ENTJ Personality Type Online Content Writer And Why It Matters

Does it matter what Myers-Briggs Personality Type your online content writer is? Some might say; no. Some might believe that it is best to hire the most common personality type, as they would think the same way as the greater percentage of your audience. Sure, that might make sense, especially if you want a lot of clicks, shares and likes.

However, if you run a business, especially one that sells to other businesses, what you really want is lots of sales, and that means you need to reach the most amount of decision makers, those who approve big purchases. ENTJs are among the most prevalent personality type for business leaders. Okay so, let’s say you do want to get into the heads of executives, CEOs, Small Business Owners, and the ultimate decision makers, what type of writer should you hire?

Well, you should hire a writer that thinks and reasons as these CEOs do, so you need to hire an ENTJ – Extraversion (E), Intuition (N), Thinking (T), Judgment (J). It turns out that this personality type is the rarest in our population. Therefore it will be hard to find writers who are ENTJs just based on the percentages of the population – even more so, because ENTJs are mostly doers, thus very few are writers. There are some ENTJ writers, and usually they are achieved individuals who then decide to write about what they’ve done or later in life decide to mentor or give their observations to the next up and coming over-achiever leaders.

If you are trying to convince someone of something or trying to explain to them why it makes sense to buy your product or service – then realize the person making the decision will probably be an NT and often you will be trying to reach an ENTJ in that company. Hiring a writer that has a way with wit, and flowery writing might give you a nice fun to read article, advertorial, blog post or web page, but it won’t be met with interest from an ENTJ leader or decision maker on the other side.

To reach this type of leader you will need to understand that personality type and hone your piece to fit their needs for actionable information and legitimate comparison or you will fail. One obvious solution is to find an ENTJ writer – unfortunately they are rather hard to come by. If you can find one, hire them immediately.

Again, you have to decide what you want out of your online content. Do you want lots of likes or do you want big sales from companies who are going to be serious customers? If you just want to be ‘trendy’ and cool and you don’t care about sales or profits, then by all means hire a millennial just out of college with a communications or journalism degree – after all they are a dime a dozen. You Decide!


By Michael Garcia