Why Your Business Should Invest in Mobile Apps

The mobile industry is thriving at this moment. Every big name brand has its own mobile app these days, but mobile apps shouldn’t – and aren’t – limited to these. More and more small and new businesses are taking a step towards creating their own apps.

Here are 5 reasons why YOU should consider building a mobile app for your company.

1. Because why not?

Our society is going mobile. A recent study has shown that consumers spend 220 minutes per day in mobile apps. 80% of the time spent on the mobile devices is spent using apps. An average person has 26 apps installed on their phones. What are the statistics pointing at? Apps is the future; in fact, it’s already a reality. Mobile usage equals to app usage. Having an app dedicated for your business will keep you multiple steps ahead of your competitors and give you extra brownie points.

2. Perceptibility

Having an app will help you reach out to a new audience, and the simplicity and creative interface of an app will definitely level you up among your already existing customers. This would help with the marketing strategy of “effective frequency” (the number of times a person must be exposed to an advertising message before a response is made). As a general rule of thumb, hearing or seeing your brand approximately 20 times is what will get you noticed.

3. Increased Interaction

Apps will help you reach out to your customers 24/7. All the information that you would like to keep your customers updated with will be at their fingertips, thanks to the push notifications. In addition to that app are very user friendly and will help the customers keep track of sales promotions, discounts, general information, offers, prices of products, search features, user accounts, tracking of orders, blogs and other information. Having a messaging feature will help you interact better with your customers as many people prefer texting than calling up the customer care center.

4. Earn More Money

One can open up another stream of income for themselves through the use of in-app purchases and advertisements in their app.

5. Easy Access

Apps can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Which is a huge benefit for your business as the customer won’t be restricted to certain time limits. It gives the traditional shopping trips an unconventional twist, as the customer can do all of it in the comfort of his/her home- or just about anywhere.


By Edward