Window Blind Mural for Home Improvement

Creating a window blind mural is a great way to dress up a window. It creates a lot of visual interest and is a nice way to personalize your space. Window blind murals can be a time consuming home improvement project and may take longer than you expected. Here are some tips on creating your very own window blind mural.

The first thing you should do when considering a window blind mural is to research what types of blinds are the easiest and most conducive to window blind murals. Window shades are probably the easiest to paint on. Vertical blinds are nice also because they have more surface area on which to paint.

Using acrylic paint when doing a window blind mural home improvement project is your best bet. It adheres to these surfaces well and doesn’t rub off easily. You can also use different glazes to achieve different looks.

Purchase sponges and brushes that are of good quality to paint your window blind mural. If you use cheap brushes and sponges, you will not achieve the look that you are after. Higher quality materials may cost more, but they will be well worth it in the end. They will be much easier for you to work with and will ultimately last much longer.

By Amber