Write Powerful Resource And Signature Lines

Guest blogging can be a made for the web SEO advertisement for who you are, what you do, and where to connect with you, if you do it right. Or it can be nothing more than content the other blogger can use to draw traffic to his website. Either way, if you’re doing what you can to create powerful, enthusiastic, and valuable content, the reader benefits.

Not all Guest Posts are equal –

Guest blogging on someone else’s blog can benefit you greatly, but it can also be a huge benefit for the person who sponsors your post. And it really should be both, but always a blessing to the reader. Add Value – ALWAYS.

Leave Resource Connections – Your resource box should include specific connection information, so your readers can contact you. But first a question, so they have a reason. Do you need more information? Or some likeness to that question would help them to know – this is where you go to get more of what you read above.

Website – Be sure the link to your website shows up. Add the ww w.your link.com so it becomes a live link online.

Your Name – Use your real name. Whether you’re commenting, reviewing, or guest posting, by using your real name, you’ll make the post visible when people search the search engines. Your name really should be recognizable and identifiable as your personal brand.

Tagline – We don’t often talk about taglines, or about making them searchable. The thing is, when we use a tagline on our websites, or on our emails, in our business, and specifically with our “brand” or “logo” then it becomes visible. How many of you remember Wendy’s and think of Dave’s big juicy, when you hear the phrase, “Where’s the beef?”

Comments can be valuable –

Comments you leave on blogs written by other people can have an incredible value to the reader as well as to you. Their value to you is specifically related to how much information you share and the actual value the reader finds in your information.

If readers find your content to be valuable, they will follow your link.

If bloggers find your content to be valuable, they will share your link.

The more links you share, with traffic that follows those links to your website, the more valuable your traffic becomes.

Build a more powerful presence online with what you share, and the call to action you apply to anything you share.

Do you have a powerful call to action?

There are many ways to drive traffic, but the most effective way is to simply invite your reader back to your blog.


By Michael Garcia